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Comment from: Cade Foster [Visitor]

Let's not forget the flow-on effects from open-source and this is hard to quantify through a market/book/etc. value.

The various BSD and Linux distributions have shown open-source communities do provide worthwhile solutions and these communities are an important instrument for progress/innovation; --> $$$

Sun has had a long history of open source (as well as proprietary)
software and have links to many open source communities/projects. Sun opened Solaris, has IBM opened AIX ? OpenSolaris has many interesting technologies that Linux/etc. can only dream of or are trying to implement their own version. In a way, due to different licensing models, etc., OpenSolaris might be a threat to Linux (threat to IBM's investment in Linux ?).

My friend left Microsoft Windows, due to security concerns, and has been using Linux (Zenwalk) for about a year. He's been happy with Linux.
Recently, after sampling OpenSolaris 2008.11 for about a week, he uses OpenSolaris as his 2nd Unix OS and envisages one day soon to drop Linux.

The point is, OpenSolaris was able to sway a relatively new Linux user who had no bias (i.e. not a Linux-only mentality).

Sun has reached an agreement with Toshiba to pre-install the OpenSolaris operating system on Toshiba laptops.,130061702,339293785,00.htm

HP and Sun Microsystems Sign Multi-year Partnership Agreement for Solaris on HP ProLiant Servers

If IBM believes in tapping into the power of open-source then it should (or may already) view Sun as a player (ideological or technical) in this market.

23/03/09 @ 14:52