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Comment from: Neal Palmer [Visitor] Email
I both agree and disagree, in these modern times CD's DVD etc are old hat but you haven't rightly considered people with massive dvd collections. I have an old mac mini and myself download 95% of all content but my kids and wife have 1000's of dvd's, I had brought the mac mini in 2007 as a all in 1 media solution (1 box), my TV runs though it to a projector and surround sound connect to it, I ditched my dvd player and don't want a multi drive attached to it since it ruins the whole point of 1 sexy box and adding a Nas server isnt wanted either since I like many only wanted a 1 box solution now its not possible with Apple. No optical drive no custom from me.
23/07/11 @ 00:38
Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor]
Now that another PC has died on me, making a switch to Mac seems to the reasonable decision. Unfortunately, the lack of DVD drive in the new Mac Mini is defiantly the deal breaker. (just so happens my Xbox 360 has also kicked the bucket). I would prefer a machine to not only play my dvd's, but transfer my cd's to iTunes. Now I'll have to bite the bullet and purchase more expensive machine. :(
25/07/11 @ 00:28
Comment from: Adam TURNER [Member] Email
@Jennifer - you could still buy a Mac mini and hook up a USB optical drive. Not as elegant, but cheaper than buying a more expensive Mac.
25/07/11 @ 09:08
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]
Apple just wants people to blow money on their itunes store. Optical drives are their competition so they of course are going to try to kill optical off. Lame move from a computer maker. Their computers will be far less useful now.
Instead of upgrading to the latest technology (Blu Ray) they are going backwards. Digital downloads are a joke. Both MP3 and their movies are far inferior in quality to the CD/DVD/BLU RAY discs content. I will stick to my FLAC CD Rips and Blu Ray Movies since downloads do not even remotely come close to matching.
26/07/11 @ 21:41
Comment from: Jeffro [Visitor]
It is a calculated move to force you to buy from apple store. If you rip cds, it definitely matters. Save your old macs. Perhaps you can connect an external cd/dvd drive to new mac mini.
12/10/11 @ 12:35
Comment from: Jaime Drysdale [Visitor]
I use my (old style) mac mini as a media centre... and constantly use it to play DVDs and CDs. I have well over 1000 DVDs. I have a BD player as well... but as it only remembers the current disk being played, I leave the unfinished disk in it, and use the mac mini to play other disks. I'll never be buying another mac mini!
14/10/11 @ 15:22
Comment from: nag [Visitor]
I will not buy MAc Mini if it does not have DVD/BD Reader. Sorry apple..

Don't try to eat all the apples at a time. That make you go to the sick bed.
03/11/11 @ 04:50
Comment from: jake [Visitor]
This really annoys me.

I have something in the region of 3,000 of dvd's which if I now get a new Mac mini - I cant use?!!

I leant on Macs and have possessed one for all of the last 25 years and loved them - but have HATED Apple - arrogant, smug and supercilious, and rapacous.

So now I have to have an add-on if I want what I had before and avoid dependence of Apple for audio visuals.

Stuff 'em.
23/01/12 @ 02:21
Comment from: Jay Emm [Visitor]
I have to say that dumping the optical drive DOES INDEED make for a much harder sell of the Mac Mini. It's very frustrating, bordering on infuriating. Millions of people use the optical drive. Whether it's burning your created music to disk to share or watching DVD's or ripping music to iTunes, the DVD is invaluable. Not including an optical drive in the new Mini is a mistake. I have one. I also purchased a $39 HP external and while i works for some things, it doesn't work with everything. I cannot watch DVD's and ripping music from my (legal!) CD collection is very dodgy, and I DON'T LIKE DODGY on a Mac. Please return the optical drive to the Mini or dump the model line altogether.
02/02/12 @ 14:54
Comment from: lior [Visitor]
I'm looking at an HTPC solution and the mini has the best combination of brains and looks. but.... the lack of an optical drive is a deal breaker. an external drive is not passable in the living room style! going to look for a sleek pc based have-it-all box.
Apple does make mistakes. Will they coorect this one?
03/03/12 @ 00:10
Comment from: Will [Visitor]
Yes, I care.

Some of us still need to convert our CD collections.

Some of us bought Adobe Photoshop on DVD.

Some of us use this machine as our DVD player.

Apple is forcing me back to my PS3 again, with the hopes that I would buy more on line content from them. (***** them.)

I'm tired of Apple controlling the flow of information. My last mini-mac was great. It was hooked up moments from purchase.

This one sat in the box for a full month, because I didn't want to spend the time overcoming all of it's shortfalls.

Is it a faster CPU with more RAM? Yes.
Is it a better product? Far from it.

A mac out of the box, can't play half of the internet videos. Ok, download VLC, buy Flip4Mac... Now where did those codecs go?

It can't identify a logitech keyboard out of the box... ok, pick a key. Don't forget to fix your scroll.

Apparently who would want to install software from their previous machine? Crazy talk I know.

I anyone else tired of this rigmarole?

Who would ever want to ever save? (That's right... Trust the OS which hides more from you.) I guess using extra file space for my text document is necessary, because the new 132 saved versions of this document seem so important.

Fun, I can't save my image, because even though I spent 20 minutes fiddling with it, it's now locked.

You can ditto that for the last OS upgrade. I've had Macs for 16 years. Yosemite was brilliant. My last mini was brilliant.

Apple (Insert your own negative words reflecting your personal experiences here) isn't always.

Why do I feel like 2012 feels like 1992... bring on the PowerPC and the clones? This company is losing it's mind again.

Maybe they at least made it more convenient to import video from any major video camera.... nope.
10/07/12 @ 08:04
Comment from: Reg [Visitor]
I was thinking to switch to mac os platform because of its unbeateble productivity functions (mac-borns will never understand ours pain) so, I was securing to buy that newest mac mini. It is simply obvious, without a dvd drive a computer doesn't make a "media pc". Imho external drive attachement is not comfort way to go. finally, thanx apple, you crushed my dreams with playing mac os.
10/08/12 @ 07:49
Comment from: BARBARA PFAFF [Visitor]
I was already to buy a new Mini Mac when I happen to notice there isn't a DVD slot. I started looking into this and discover there isn't a DVD player built in! My old Mini Mac has one and it is used often. Now what, I guess I will work on the old one and add some memory!
14/08/12 @ 04:32
Comment from: marcelle [Visitor]
I have trouble with ready files form external drive when they are larger than iGB
Any suggestions?
05/11/12 @ 04:08
Comment from: Thatcher [Visitor]
It's a conceit of techno-snobs to think people don't need disc drives anymore. This move to hasten obsolescence is so apple, they are really worse than sony at this point in the proprietary equipment game. This attitude only pisses the masses (i.e. most actual people out there) off and makes life more difficult, except for those really cool folks who LIKE spending an evening converting perfectly good media into something 'better'. Thank you.
10/11/12 @ 08:22
Comment from: santaclaus [Visitor]
And some people like me need optical drives tom their backups! I feel more safe when I have some real offline backups. Fuck the cloud!!!
02/01/13 @ 07:48
Comment from: Joseph [Visitor]
Things like media discs, external hard drives, BD's, etc. give more power to the users. I say if apple does not want to put BD's on their machines theres always other computers. Exactly my though to change to macs in 2002, and the same one that maybe drive me away from apple. I say don't be controlled by the interest of big corporations. We are the owners of the market, the costumers... and YES, we care!
11/01/13 @ 06:16