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Comment from: Jesper [Visitor]

MAC is so good at promoting, and every one just falls on there tail.
But Apple/MAC needs to do better.
Yes the phone is great looking, but what?s new, faster internet ?, is the camera much better ? why is there no video call?s ? Actually the new things is still OLD. Can I change my battery ?, No the iPhone is the same old phone, wit a faster internet, still stone-age technology, in this business
No Apple, has done this again. People like my self got the first one, and was happy with the internet and mail, but in a business you need copy / Paste, but this are you still not getting. Apple's discussion forum, is no good, all you will hear is ? the iPhone does not do this or that? so get the new iPhone 3G and get ready to get disappointed
11/06/08 @ 12:34
Comment from: Stephen WITHERS [Member] Email
Well Jesper, there seem to be a lot of people planning to replace their first-gen iPhones with the 3G model, so Apple can't be getting it all wrong.

If it's not for you, don't buy one. I doubt that I will, as I don't want to go on contract and I'm unlikely to pay $600, $700, $800 or whatever the outright price turns out to be - assuming it can be purchased that way!

But a lot of technically oriented people concentrate too much on features and specifications, while many buyers are more interested in what the phone is like to use. Everyone I know with an iPhone rates it very highly in that respect.

Can someone explain why people are hung up on the copy and paste issue? I can't imagine needing to do that on a phone. (But then some people couldn't understand why anyone would want to use a mouse on a computer, so maybe it's just lack of imagination on my part.)

And I suspect that a healthy third-party software market will make it even more attractive to some segments.

As I said about the MacBook Air, it is what it is. If it's right for you, buy it; if it isn't, then don't.

Have you noticed that other manufacturers are still keen for their new handsets to be seen as 'iPhone killers'?

So what do you reckon about Snow Leopard or MobileMe?
26/06/08 @ 13:21