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Comment from: Natalie van Wetering [Visitor] Email
As Director of Community Relations at Brighton Grammar School I feel compelled to comment on your opinon piece which I read with interest.

Although the photos released with this story showed a boy playing Angry Birds, we are confident that the enhanced learning outcomes that will be achieved by each boy having his own tablet outweigh the occasional opportunity to explore gaming apps.

Our research into the use of tablets as a teaching and learning tool demonstrates that using tablets will increase the boys' engagement by:
Enabling instant access to global information via the web;
Increasing opportunity for collaborative learning;
Improving organisational skills;
and allowing the boys to undertake their school work anytime and anywhere.

To discourage boys accessing inappropriate content the school has invested heavily in the installation of a filtering system.

The School is looking forward to the widespread roll-out of tablets in 2012 recognising that boys, teachers and the wider community are all on a steep learning curve as we harness the potential of this 21 century technology.
07/12/11 @ 16:18
Comment from: David BRAUE [Member] Email
Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I am more than willing to be proven wrong on this but am naturally sceptical about the rate with which schools are jumping on the tablet bandwagon. The benefits you highlight have long been available through more-conventional laptop programs already in use at many schools.

I'm curious to know what empirical studies have shown that tablets and e-books deliver a better (or, for that matter, even a comparable) learning result than laptops or traditional learning methods and textbooks.

That said, somebody does have to go first. I'll be interested to see where your students are with these devices a year down the track.
12/12/11 @ 08:49