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Comment from: M0les [Visitor] Email
I've been cheering the removal of optical drives for years. I see this as a plus. Whenever I _do_ need an optical drive, plugging-in a USB one is MUCH less annoying that having to lug one about with me everywhere.

And Intel are mightily steamed that noone can make a cheaper McBook Air than Apple.
09/11/11 @ 13:29
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]
The thing I'd add is the joystick pointing device - it's the only thing that keeps me buying thick Thinkpads, despite their awful screens and 1-generation behind technology.

I fully expect to be flamed - 99% of the world's laptop users hate it with a vengence. And most devs never have both hands at the keyboard due to excessive cutting & pasting. :)
08/12/11 @ 18:38